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Tutorial How to play CS:S on Android
Hello, Heres some pictures of the game in Android, Its not a rip-off/recreated fake version of the game.
It works by installing source engine emulator for Android, It actually runs the same files as in PC version.
Ignore my CSGO weapon skins, You can install any Gamebanana mods you want
[Image: 2OfTJMt.jpg]
[Image: wHiQblO.jpg]
[Image: ywegxuH.jpg]
(Screenshots taken from my Zombie Riot server)

Follow the simple steps below to get it working
1. Download CS:S from Steam or if you dont own the game download nonsteam version
2. Copy the whole CS:S game directory to some place you choose on your phone like the image below
[Image: yjLuwlb.jpg]
3. Install the .apk's from here (Get latest versions in Discord link below)
4. Open Source Engine app and select the game's path where hl2.exe located
[Image: 03C1N1P.jpg]
5. Open Counter Strike: Source app and click on LAUNCH button
(Type +connect <ip> to join to a server soon as you open the game, Or you can type "connect" command in game console but its not comfortable)
[Image: Mosr7vS.jpg]

Thats pretty much it, Have fun
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