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Information GTA2 Definitive Edition mod progress
Hello, Im slowly making my way to create a GTA2 "Definitive edition" version on Fivem-aka GTAV multiplayer
The progress so far is about on 60%, Biggest things left to do is to make Navmashes for bots and cars and finish the lighting thats left to do(Lighting is about 70% done)

The final goal is to open a clone GTA2 game but online, Built in Fivem for GTAV. And make the server in some kinda unique way to be fun to play. Like the adding default missions set to earn money, with an option to do it with your friends. Making somekind of minigame of gangwars based on the default gang territory places just like in GTA2. Something about gang respect bar with original GTA2's HUD. Adding races and few more generic fivem plugins. Its going to be a freeroam type server. I was thinking about creating an RP server but i dont feel like it.. RP seems to be boring..

Heres some images of the mod so far
[Image: 3BFPF2u.png]
[Image: KIUDeHH.png]
[Image: uAyTtpE.png]
[Image: g7mNJHA.png]
[Image: SUO1DmQ.png]
[Image: x2fDTJ8.png]
[Image: tk89nk6.png]

Heres some early stage dev videos

holy shit this seems amazing, still being worked on?
(03-12-2023, 07:00 PM)AggyVagabond Wrote: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.holy shit this seems amazing, still being worked on?
hi and thanks. sadly havnt dont any progress at all in the past half a year+ in it.
i mainly stopped it for now because i removed some parts of my pc because they burnt out haha, it includes a ram stick and a big downgrade for graphics card.
all these softwares like 3dsmax cannot be currently ran on my pc, i mean it surely can but soon as i load gta2 map in it, its going to lag like hell for sure, if not overheat

plus since its a 20+ year old game, believe it or not but nowadays a single person could recreate it fully and much better. if the work is being taken seriously, for a single person it should take around 1 year to recreate each gta2 city. i should have been finished it long time ago, but well..

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