Last Updated: 11-08-2023, 09:04 PM
Name: L4D2V Reborn V3009HF2
Category: L4D:2
Submitted by: redogg
Downloads: 266
Views: 705
Version: 08.11.23
MD5: 8f67e2456ee59bb177ab31e03f712055
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Average rating: 5
-Edited Backtrack menu note
-Fixed Ignore Aimbot Class not working
-Added Speed Meter option as visual ESP
-Added option to calculate fall velocity to Speed Meter options
-Added Distance Meter
-Added Tank frustration HUD
-Added Tank frustration option as visual ESP
-Added dynamic 2D box option for weapons, props, misc
-Improved weapons, props, misc info options
-Added Healthbars for weapons, props, misc options
-Readded Crosshair Players option
-Fixed Disable Intrapolation option not working

Needed dependencies You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. (Extract to game-folder in X:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\left4dead2
then delete X:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\left4dead2\bin\libcef.dll)

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11-25-2023, 04:11 PM
Is there a way to have the tank arms super long, I tried with fake lag or lag exploit but nothing?

11-19-2023, 04:52 PM
@redogg bro I have a question when I used the hack I got blue screens on my PC, now that I'm not using it I don't get it anymore, maybe the hack is a trojan and that's why I got the blue screen

11-18-2023, 09:58 PM
Put it in your game folder, in left 4 dead 2/left4dead2/
Then load it by pressing on load cfg in setttings tab after injection

11-18-2023, 09:13 PM
how to use the configuration that comes out in the latest update *Attached Files  .dat  config.dat* What do I have to do to use it?

11-16-2023, 11:32 AM
Yo, whats the best fakelag exploit config. Like when ur a Special Infected u can spawn infront of survivors i wanna imitate that

11-15-2023, 03:18 PM
hey @redogg, where can I activate the triggerbot, and also when I select perfect aim I kneel down and the game stops, do you know why that happens?

11-14-2023, 07:00 AM
You will have to wait for it bro.. it will be done when i start working on new menu, but theres some time until that
I need to basically finish adding options, things like finishing backtrack correctly, autowall, triggerbot. After you will see these options being added i should already start working on a new menu

11-14-2023, 06:02 AM
@redogg   Excuse me, when will the translation function be made?

11-14-2023, 05:27 AM
@Exseder hi, make aure you didnt extract the whole folder from zip, you need to extract the files inside the folder to you game folder

11-13-2023, 03:22 PM
I have been using your trick for a long time and I had to format my computer 1 day ago. I tried to install the cheat again by following all the steps in the forum, but when I run the Injector while on the main screen, the cheat is not installed and does not work. I tried installing the Framework package you provided and restarting it. It did not work. I deleted and reinstalled the game and it still doesn't work.
I successfully added the folder named "dependencies" you gave into l4d2 and found "libcef.dll" in the bin file.
I deleted it but it's still not resolved

11-09-2023, 08:23 PM
Hi, i didnt fully undersrand the first thing but extrapolation and interp are now for tests, i used it to test stuff with aimbot like if backtrack is working in the early stages of building it when we didnt have aimbot backtrack

Basically read the description of the options to understand what they do

11-09-2023, 06:43 PM
Everything is going well, I mean the pause in the game is caused by the workshop, but yes or yes I will have at least 0.1 seconds of pause in any game on the server, right? And one last question, the ignored aimbot for an infected person that you don't want also works. Could you explain to me what intrapolation or extrapolation is for? @redogg

11-09-2023, 04:51 PM
@YDD520 no bro sry
@djnetox11 it turned out to be workshop related, try to not inject and let the workshop mods load, go to some map like laststand finale, it should happen there right when you spawn and go towards the safe room door and then it goes away. i tested it with injection and without workshop mods too, it had very little lags, like for 0.1 secs but it cant be really seen if you not trying to pay attention
try it too tell me how it goes

11-09-2023, 02:35 PM
In previous versions I played but there was a pause in the game of 1 or 0.5 seconds. Do you know how to fix that or what to activate or deactivate? I will look forward to your response. @redogg :)

11-09-2023, 11:43 AM
Is there a discord channel?

11-09-2023, 11:40 AM

11-09-2023, 07:25 AM
No but from what i tested looks like workshop causes it, read the lateat comment on main thread

11-09-2023, 04:36 AM
¿Se corrigió también el retraso que se produce durante 0,5 segundos?