Last Updated: 09-11-2023, 06:35 AM
Name: CSSV Reborn V1109
Category: CS:S
Submitted by: redogg
Downloads: 33
Views: 145
Version: 11.09.23
MD5: 84975c432041bc95357537823333c9d2
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-Added Backtrack, Forwardtrack options
-Added Position Adjustment option
-Improved Radar design
-Improved hotkey system to recognize more keys (except for region specific keys)
-Added meter ESP
-Added Backtrack Chams
-Added Backtrack ESP
-Added Aimbot Intrapolation/Extrapolation options
-Added Aimbot Backtrack
-Improved Speedhack
-Added Backtrack Hitboxes
-Added option to ignore Aimbot while climbing
-Improved Silent Autoknife
-Improved Weapons HUD option
-Changed Anti-OBS method

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(Extract to game-folder in X:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Source)

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09-25-2023, 01:38 AM
don't put backtrack chams alpha on 0
backtrack chams are chams on their own

09-23-2023, 02:55 PM
i cant see the terrorist, they r invisible idk

09-22-2023, 04:26 AM
not yet sorry, i should add it to all hotkeys but only after i make a new menu. not now

09-21-2023, 08:33 AM
Hello redogg, good perfomance for you. But could you add the "on hold" function to the autoknife hotkey system.