Last Updated: 08-10-2023, 02:45 AM
Name: L4D2V Reborn V0507HF2
Category: L4D:2
Submitted by: redogg
Downloads: 638
Views: 2796
Version: 10.08.23
MD5: 7ba9906e5957ac6ee140f2f81c6aa978
Your rating: N/A
Average rating: 5
-Added hotkey to only aim with Aimbot without shooting
-Fixed Autoshove misses Hunter/Jockey
-Added Silent Autoshove
-Added option to choose FOV for Autoshove
-Added option to see Glow, Outlines colors by HP
-Added Fake Ping option
-Improved/fixed many miscellaneous options
-Improved security against anti cheats
-Readded Charger Glitch
-Added Whitelist Check bypass
-Added Consistency Check bypass
-Added CRC Check bypass
-Added additional option to all Lagexploit based options

Needed dependencies You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. (Extract to game-folder in X:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\left4dead2
then delete X:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\left4dead2\bin\libcef.dll)

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09-10-2023, 07:45 PM
I'm crashing the latest version of the hack for some reason - on injekt...Although the version released in May works....

09-10-2023, 01:48 PM
@redogg      After injecting the program, enter the protected SourceMod Anti-Cheat server without turning on any features, and your program will be immediately discovered by this anti-cheat system.

09-05-2023, 11:33 AM
@redogg    Excuse me, why can I use the two program versions that were recently updated before July 24, and I can't inject normally

09-04-2023, 10:52 PM
I can now access the Forum, but the program still can not be injected into the game

09-04-2023, 06:39 PM
@Maxhzg do you know why you cant access? i didnt do anything

09-04-2023, 11:33 AM
I can now enter the forum, but I still can't inject the program into the game

09-04-2023, 09:09 AM
I don't know why I linked WIFI and there is no way to enter the forum

09-04-2023, 06:11 AM
Dear administrator, can you change the DNS of the forum? I don't have a way to access the forum via WiFi right now, so I can't use the program anymore

09-01-2023, 06:15 AM
@redogg Yes, I made sure I deleted that file, but when my friend used him today, he still crashes as soon as he opens the injector game, do you want to put the entire Embedded Framework file in the l4d2 folder, or put the file inside, can I get a video of the demo, please, sir

08-29-2023, 08:10 PM
@redogg,you are right brother, maybe you play on a laptop but connected to the wireless internet and not by cable (ethernet)

08-28-2023, 08:41 PM
@hoilwisxd maybe he plays on laptop with expnsive options turned on

08-27-2023, 09:52 PM
@mafiaimbotter, How do you have a delay when playing with vr? I don't understand, can you explain it better?

08-27-2023, 05:52 AM
the lag is too much when I inject the cheat in left 4 dead 2 and also the mouse lags a bit, it's hard to aim the common infected and special infected but when I press the panic button, it doesn't lag if I turn off the left 4 dead 2 cheats, is there any solution how to prevent lag when i inject cheats on left 4 dead 2?

08-27-2023, 12:49 AM
hope to add a built-in linkage function that can change the linkage button, making it convenient to play tank jumping bricks

08-24-2023, 03:52 PM
did you delete the right libcef file? you should delete the file that comes with the game and not download, make sure you deleted the file located in /bin folder

08-23-2023, 11:59 AM
I asked my friend to help me get it, whether it was turning off the firewall and replaying the file again and again, he still flashed back as soon as he entered the game, unfortunately I couldn't experience the best cheating in L4D2

08-23-2023, 06:36 AM
I did, first, delete libcef.dlll in the l4d2 file, 
secondly extract denpencies into the l4d2 file,
 and thirdly open the game and open the injector file,
 but he still crashes, where did I do less, sir

08-23-2023, 06:34 AM
我确实,首先,删除了 l4d2 文件中的 libcef.dlll,其次将密码提取到 l4d2 文件中,第三打开游戏并打开注入器文件,但他仍然崩溃,我在哪里做得少,先生

08-23-2023, 04:15 AM
@wtO111, Check if you have everything required to inject the Vr, and if not, that's why the game closes every time you inject it, check the files and install them again

08-23-2023, 04:13 AM
@Maxhzg, Hahaha, the same thing happened to me before, what I did was leave the game and enter again

08-23-2023, 03:20 AM
@redogg I went into a server called No One Immortal, went in and found that I couldn't move and waited a minute before being detected by this server,Enter this server display  The time to enter this server shows that this server is protected By SourceMod Anti-Cheat

08-22-2023, 12:36 PM
Hello sir, why does the game exit automatically every time I open skernellnjector, I hope to get your help

08-20-2023, 09:06 PM
what servers?

08-20-2023, 03:32 AM
@redogg   Excuse me, why opening this program to enter some servers will not be able to operate the game normally

08-19-2023, 04:14 AM
yes @hoilwisxd is correct, I got report about the same issue. custom maps can be buggy when you are the host.. pretty wired but I will check what's the deal with that