Last Updated: 06-20-2023, 02:19 AM
Name: GMODV Reborn V0506HF1
Category: GMOD
Submitted by: redogg
Downloads: 30
Views: 153
Version: 20.06.23
MD5: f6e92ca35560b54e0b859bc959292e3c
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Download edited as of 20/06/23 from Hotfix1 to Hotfix1.1!

-Fixed miscellaneous problems

-Replaced/Redone Weapons Info option
-Fixed many non working languages that showed as "???" except for a few (Korean, Thai, Hebrew, Arabic)
-Added CVAR Spoofer option
-Added CVAR Forcer option
-Fixed crashes related to DME Chams
-Improved Norecoil option
-Added LUA Executer option
-Added Damage Indicators option
-Fixed miscellaneous crashes

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06-20-2023, 10:43 PM
Put a command you would like to change its value, and it will change it for you. However it might crash the game for some commands but most of them should work. The commands that don't work, try using cvar spoofer instead

06-20-2023, 07:00 PM
how do we use the cvar forcer?

06-20-2023, 04:52 PM
please redownload, i edited the version, it should be stable almost for 100%