Last Updated: 04-01-2023, 11:42 PM
Name: L4D2V Reborn V0204
Category: L4D:2
Submitted by: redogg
Downloads: 444
Views: 2022
Version: 02.04.23
MD5: d116a86a790abb5a90918e61843c5034
Your rating: N/A
Average rating: 3.33
Download edited as of 04/04/23 from Hotfix to Hotfix0.1!
-Fixed general issues over the project X2

-Fixed another possible issue of frozen menu X2
-Fixed crash in Aimbot Ingore Class option
-Added Anti-Jockey teleport
-Improved Fast Switch option to lag less when in use
-Fixed non working custom speed slider in Sprint method1
-Fixed Teleport option from crashing when pressing M1/M2 when in air
-Fixed manual Jockey Glitch option to always work
-Highly improved automatic Jockey Glitch
-Added another method to Teleport option
-Fixed general issues over the project
-Added another method to Jockey Glitch option
-Added Anti-Hunter option with multiple methods
-Fixed No Fall Damage option from teleporting you in rare cases
-Added automatic No Fall Damage option
-Added another method to No Fall Damage option
-Added Automatic Hunter-Glitch option
-Fixed rare issue when menu goes wireframe
-Manual Jockey Glitch option now works for humans too
-Fixed 3D Weapon Boxes option from stretching
-Added option to completely remove MOTD window
-Added option to change MOTD URL link
-Adjusted Auto Shove option to act better

Needed dependencies You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. (Extract to game-folder in X:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\left4dead2
then delete X:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\left4dead2\bin\libcef.dll)

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07-31-2023, 08:09 AM
I did everything correct, but my game crashes when loading is there a video on how to setup and use?

06-04-2023, 04:44 AM
The game crashes even though I installed the dependencies

05-17-2023, 07:50 PM
bro I have the latest version and I still can't see the skeleton of an infected going up the stairs or if it is too far away, please fix it.

05-17-2023, 03:53 AM
does it work for windows 11?

05-13-2023, 12:04 AM
does the game have to be installed on C drive (OS-installed drive) for it to work?

i have the game on D drive instead of C drive, i extracted the dependencies into my D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Left 4 Dead 2 then deleted the libcef.dll file in D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Left 4 Dead 2\bin but it doesn't work.

05-09-2023, 12:10 AM
bro when the infected are far away or very far away you can't see their skeleton either with the "esp" or with the "esp anti obs".
also when the infected are climbing the stairs you can no longer see their skeleton, and another thing is that when we do not press anything, when we stay afk
a window comes out as a browser where your csjunkies page comes out, and if we are recording and transmitting you can see that window and they will notice what we are using hack
Please fix it bro :D

04-15-2023, 08:05 PM
Hi, not sure what did you do but I'm pretty sure it's a problem with your workshop mods because theres no such issues with visuals

04-14-2023, 07:12 PM
Bro, the problem of the frozen frames is still appearing and they do not disappear, also the frames are lost when the players comment in the chat, the voting box does not show who votes or even does not appear, if you leave the game and play in another server they still appear and the console command to restore the frames does not work either as a temporary solution, practically all the frames are bugeados I do not know if others also happen or have a definitive solution...
[Image: iv8ItHy]

04-09-2023, 10:42 PM
Sure thing bro, these crashdump files are important to know where crash came from. You might also try the test version attached in latest reply in main thread You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

04-09-2023, 07:29 AM
inject vision: L4D2V Reborn V0204 Hotfix0.1
game vision: the last vision - steam
SDL2, Chromium Embedded Framework: done
what happened: after I finish a game and quit from server into main, when I join another new game then the game will crash in loading page.
any error file: sry about this, I deleted them all, and I will try next time when the new vision is come out.

04-08-2023, 06:21 PM
@Steven about slow injection, this version has little "bug" that forces you to focus with mouse+keyboard on the window for it to close, next version mouse check will be removed because its annoying

and i didnt understand about crash bro, in what version it happend?
and send crashlog files too if you can, read this if you dont know how You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view., and upload the file to some hosting website and give me the link to download

04-08-2023, 01:34 PM
and this new one has slow inject for me.

04-08-2023, 01:32 PM
@redogg nah, crash on loading when join another game after a gaming

04-06-2023, 05:11 AM
Its not forever, the window must be focused for it to close, you cannot close it early too.

04-06-2023, 03:27 AM
redogg me demora arto en cargar es por el injector o porque puede ser

04-06-2023, 03:17 AM
Parece un loging

04-06-2023, 03:15 AM
Hermano no entiendo porque cambiar todo ahora el truco esta diferente, me quedo con la version anterior no era lo que esperaba

04-05-2023, 09:09 PM
hermano pero yo uso extreme injector para injectar el hack

04-05-2023, 05:47 PM
@serwankers got some help. @serwankers thanks for video bro
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

@zhiendxanarx112 what error? make sure you did the same as in the video

04-05-2023, 02:41 PM
informe de error al injectar en windows 11 ayuda porfavor

04-05-2023, 08:56 AM
Hello for the people who are not able to get the cheat to work please follow the guide from the link below 
> You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. <

04-04-2023, 04:59 PM
@Steven crash on injection? might be you didnt put all the files from the .zip file in your game folder

04-04-2023, 12:48 PM
Im always crash  Dizzyface back to use the old vision

04-04-2023, 03:20 AM
Pasen hack para ser un just anoter cheat

04-03-2023, 10:29 PM
glad to hear.. if someone cares heres some info about the hotfix0.1 You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

please redownload to newer hotfix!