Last Updated: 03-09-2023, 05:01 AM
Name: L4D2V Reborn V1301HF3
Category: L4D:2
Submitted by: redogg
Downloads: 670
Views: 2309
Version: 09.03.23
MD5: 1de396ebbb8ee58a15343610ccd8540f
Your rating: N/A
Average rating: 5
Download edited as of 14/03/23 from Hotfix3.3 to Hotfix3.4!
-Fixed Draw Distance option from not working
-Fixed when dead player models might get stuck after death

-Fixed normal Weapons ESP option randomly crashing
-Fixed Fakelag option crashing

-Fixed conflict with Perfect Silent and Aimbot Enable Melee options
-Fixed crashes that might happen on some PC's
-Fixed non working Movement Bypass option
-Fixed invisible key names in Ignore Aimbot Group Hotkeys option

-Fixed crashes

-Improved Jockey move fix to game's original
-Improved Charger rotation block to game's original
-Added option to restore the original game movement
-Optimized Normal ESP code
-Fixed possible issue/bug
-Improved security against anti-cheats
-Fixed rare Anti-Obs ESP crash upon server connection (d3d9.dll)
-Fixed possible menu freeze
-Fixed many various incorrect things in many features found from upcoming garrysmod build
-Separated FallDMG option from Demo Breaker option
-Fixed many features like Teleport/JockeyGlitch/FallDMG that might crash upon activation
-Fixed issue with glow where models appear to be little darker
-Fixed bad texture of Rim3D Glow effect
-Fixed multiple issues with PSilent option
-Improved Fakelag option to work better with Rapidfire/Aimbot
-Added option to ignore bots in Super Console option
-Fixed Strafe Mouse option conflict with Hunter
-Fixed Fake Team option to work when dead
-Added option for Ignore Aimbot Class option to ignore Incapacitated humans

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05-19-2023, 02:04 PM
cheats broke just today after steamm updated some fixes for l4d2

04-01-2023, 01:10 PM
@nout1337user nvm i found something that works well thank u for ur help

04-01-2023, 12:09 PM
@not1337user can you tell me what injector u use? i've tried a lot of injectors but nothing works..

03-25-2023, 06:10 AM
@airpodspro maybe try another injector as @not1337user suggested

03-25-2023, 04:51 AM

it seems the manual mapping type injection only works this cheat without any probs (I tested my private dll injector and it works fine)

03-25-2023, 03:50 AM
@redogg I was too late but yeah I can't see the console turns into red as usual and the menu doesn't pop up when i pressed insert key. and I already reinstalled C++ 2005-2019 and DirectX

03-24-2023, 01:26 AM
haha just download this You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. and control any achievement you want

03-23-2023, 09:51 PM
Make auto achievement legit, let a bot control you and start to do the achievements that you still have to do, for example complete a campaign, do scavenge achievements

03-20-2023, 03:52 PM
If not. Uninstall and reinstall

03-20-2023, 03:52 PM
Must install You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view., You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view., You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

03-19-2023, 10:00 PM
Hello, I have a problem when injecting, I can't open the console and no change occurs within the game, but with old versions there is no problem when injecting.

03-19-2023, 03:04 PM
Whats the problem? You just can't see the menu? The console turns red? Or noting at all?

03-19-2023, 08:19 AM
really sorry to bother you but it still doesn't work. I even reinstalled l4d2 and followed all the steps in the program.. what should I do?

03-18-2023, 06:31 PM
try to inject nonsteam version

03-18-2023, 10:39 AM
dude i got some issues. injector says "successfully injected" but I can't open the menu. I have already tried un/reinstall c++ 2005-2019 but still can't. however the old versions work well. kinda weird

03-18-2023, 03:35 AM
@altesa how did you fix it? what was the problem?

03-18-2023, 03:21 AM
I've fixed it thank you

03-16-2023, 09:55 PM
And if you dont enable bypass movements option it still does?

I tested it before uploading version and it worked good

03-16-2023, 09:28 PM
there is an option called "charger rotation" that prevents the charger from curving, but even if it is deactivated or activated, the charger still curves when the mouse is moved.

03-16-2023, 05:34 PM
@FoilTriesAgain watch what options you apply.. somethings off in your settings. check correctmove option
@altesa its not possible to remove 100% of shakes from perfect silent bro, and i didnt understand what you say about charger.. however charger have no problems in rotation or something like that.. read the option description and make sure you didnt confuse

03-16-2023, 04:37 AM
bro the aim silent perfect, still seems to give very sudden movements, I recorded a demo using the aim silent perfect and still moving abruptly, also the option of the charger to not curve even if you have it off still curving

03-16-2023, 04:36 AM
bro the aim silent perfect, it still looks like it gives very sudden movements, I recorded a demo using the aim silent perfect and still continues to move abruptly, also the charger option so that it does not curve even if you have it off it continues to curve

03-16-2023, 04:36 AM
hermano el aim silent perfect todavia parece que da movimientos muy bruscos grabe una demo usando el aim silent perfect y todavia sigue moviéndose bruscamente tambien la opcion de cargador para que no se curve aunque lo tengas apagado sigue curvar

03-16-2023, 12:00 AM
Having an issue with bhop, mouse does not do anything and non of the options seem to do anyth, as for silent aim it makes camera jittery when looking around

03-14-2023, 11:47 AM
soon another hotfix will be uploaded with minor stability changes
edit: download edited