Last Updated: 01-12-2023, 03:20 AM
Name: CSSV Reborn V0101HF1
Category: CS:S
Submitted by: redogg
Downloads: 34
Views: 316
Version: 12.01.23
MD5: e484c36aff1c17709739d2e9ab66577c
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Download edited as of 15/1/23 from Hotfix1.1 to Hotfix1.2!

-Added new option to Spinbot
-Restricted new HTML MOTD menu to show only once per time to avoid crashes
-Fixed minor memory leak

-Fixed wired behavior of AutoKnife Show Hotkey option
-Added AutoKnife ignore team option

-Fixed many visuals that draw little bit forward of moving players
-Added height slider for Player Lights options and for bottom Effect Bone option
-Improved all visual features to run better
-Fixed few issues with Aimbot/Norecoil options
-Added safety switch to use Norecoil as legit
-Added top-screen icon to indicate if Autoknife is toggled or not
-Fixed little issues with Faketeam option
-Fixed rare crash
-VGUI color is working correctly now
-Fixed buggy Healthbars option
-Fixed some stuff in Scoreboard HUD option
-Fixed unsorted ignore options for Player Lines/Eye Tracers
-Fixed Wallhack changes colors randomly
-Added anti-OBS Health Indicators
-Fixed rare crashes in Health Indicators option
-Added Dormant Chams option
-Improved Weapons Chams option to act the same as with Extended Chams option
-Fixed anti-OBS ESP streching
-Added option to disable FastDL and use direct file transfer from server to client instead

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01-15-2023, 02:43 AM
sorry if anyones computer got frozen for about 10 mins because of new html motd, theres a bug ingame that causes crazy memory leak in steam browser if more than one window of html is open

and.. download is edited yet again to hotfix 1.2 to fix these bugs

01-12-2023, 05:23 PM
if anyone downloaded already please redownload, the download has edited, i fixed minor issues..
@sanek78 hi bro, the option description says so. if you ever joined a server with error player models or missing map disconnect reason or missing sounds, then it means the server is missing these files in fastdl because of some error or admin forgot.
but.. when the server have no fastdl at all then you might heard that it will start downloading files directly from the server, its called streaming. its pretty slow in speed, i think it downloads only 30kb pre sec max and you limited to max file size of 32mb or 16mb that is possible to stream to each file, so big maps with more than 30mb will not stream i think

so FastDL disable makes you to download files by streaming only and completlyt ignoring the server instructions to fastdl

and... you will be able to download these files only if the server have them in the server directory. it shouldnt happen because the server must have the map/models files in the server directory in order to function

01-12-2023, 02:29 PM
What is the FastDL disable? Can it be useful?